• 2021 BLUELINE HOCKEY SCHOOL - 34th ANNUALThe summer is on the way and Blueline Hockey School is set for June 8 through July 1, 2021. Goalie only camp is set for July 12 - 22, 2021.
  • we believe in skill developmentDaily skill work includes: puck handling, skating (including acceleration, balance, power, use of edges), passing and receiving, shooting/scoring and checking. Great instructors help you improve your skills.
  • blueline hockey is... Dedicated and designed to improving the hockey skills of area hockey players, our goal is to make the player better. Better prepared to make the team they want to be on next season and better at their hockey skills so they perform with confidence.
  • tradition of excellenceBlueline Hockey School has graduates in the NHL, AHL, European League, Semipro, Division I, Division III and American Juniors in addition to many present and past high school players. But best of all, we enjoy helping players improve their skills.

we believe

  • Skill Development

    Puck handling

  • Skating (including acceleration, balance, power, use of edges)
  • Passing and Receiving
  • Shooting and Scoring
  • Checking
  • "If it's not broke, don't fix it"

    We believe you don't have to change every player. If you have good skills we will help you improve them so you can achieve your hockey goals for the next season.

  • Better Skills, more confidence, greater success

    Skating skills are required by any player that wants to have success so we work a lot on skating. We scrimmage daily so the players can learn positional play and team systems.


School staff


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